How to Efficiently Personalize Sports Uniforms

Combining Pre-Cut Numbers with Pre-Spaced Text will provide you with the most efficient way to personalize sports uniforms with only a heat press. Although there are many options in decorating team uniforms, applying heat transfer materials continues to be a top choice. Watch the video below to learn more:

Here are some benefits to each of the methods:

Pre-Cut Numbers

  • Sold in packs of 10.
  • Provides low costs per piece.
  • On-demand personalization.
  • Number styles for every sport.
  • Can also be ordered in kits.
  • Available in popular sports materials (Thermo-FILM®, Premium Plus).

Pre-Spaced Text

  • Great time saver.
  • Order by the piece.
  • Names arrive pre-aligned and ready to apply.
  • Also available in popular sports materials (Thermo-FILM®, Premium Plus).

Here are some cost breakdowns for names and numbers for each of the sports for your reference (cost based on adult sizes with double-digit numbers in 1-color, Varsity or Pro Block styles):


As you can see from the above costs, name and numbers for team uniforms can be inexpensive and highly profitable.  For more information on decorating sports uniforms and number sizes/regulations, download the Team Decorator today.


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