On Eagle’s Wings

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

[All images from http://www.nike.com]

A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted the new jerseys of the Bakersfield Condors, a minor league hockey team.  The new Condors jerseys were unique in that they feature “wings” on both the home and away jerseys’ sleeves. We didn’t think that winged hockey jerseys would be a hot trend, but we may have been wrong.

Team Russia recently unveiled its 2014 Winter Olympic jerseys, made by Nike®.  The red jersey is fairly standard fare, with blue shoulders, some minimal striping, and the Russian double-headed eagle coat of arms.  The white jersey, though, takes that coat of arms and runs (or should it be “flies?”) with it.


The jersey design itself is the double-headed eagle, with a white silhouette of the eagle’s two heads on the chest, with its wings spreading across the sleeves.  The coat of arms appears between the eagle’s heads, and the shoulders have a feathered eagle wing design in white.




The jersey also makes inventive use of tone-on-tone materials. In what appears to be a feature spanning Nike’s new Olympic jerseys, the neckline features faux lacing in a slightly glossier material. And if you look very closely at the eagle’s heads, the eyes and head feathers are accented in a glossy white material on the white silhouette.

Tone-on-tone accents and finely-detailed designs can be achieved with Stahls’ CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials. Thermo-FILM® is the number one heat transfer material in the world for sports applications, while Fashion-FILM® is perfect for cutting fine details.

Just like recent Nike® football uniform upgrades, Russia’s Olympic jerseys reflect new trends in jersey design. The Russians are hoping the new look will help them soar to a gold medal in Sochi.


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