What’s all the Hoopla About?

New season, new fonts for new looks.

By Elaine Sables, Marketing Director

New Custom Made Easy Fonts
Fresh for spring – new fonts.

The “hoopla” is about our six new AnyWord. AnyWay. block fonts!

Choose from one, two or three color for a fun, new fresh look for your customized apparel. And, because we know you want to stay on top of what’s fashionable, we’ve also made these new fonts available in SimStitch™ – the industry’s #1 no sew twill appliqué solution!

Hoopla – A font with curly-ques and lots of circular shapes – fun for girly things, little kids and things silly and fun, like Hoola Hoop Contests.

Zombie – A font with block letters and jagged edges. Good for Halloween, sci-fi, monster movies and anything scary.

TextMe – A font that looks like computer or cellphone type. Ideal for anything technical, scientific or for making shirts that use LOL a lot.

Whiteout – A font that looks like painted letters with slightly runny paint. Perhaps you want it for your local painting business, but also anything punk or skater-style.

Odyssey – An old-school style font inspired by robots, outer space and all the old sci-fi TV shows. Wonderful for anyone who speaks Vulcan or can do a good HAL impression.

Billboard – A simple hand-painted style font, reminiscient of the hand-lettered signs you used to see in grocery store windows.







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