New Fluorescent Glitter Flake Colors

by Courtney Matlick, Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Direct


Have you heard the saying “That’s the icing on the cake?” This popular saying is typically used when making something good even better.

We are always looking for ways to add the icing to the cake and make our products better. You may have seen that we added the color White into our ever-growing line of CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material. While we were making our best selling product better, we also added 6 Fluorescent shades – yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, and purple – bringing the number of available colors to 38.

And our timing couldn’t be more perfect. If you attended a trade show this year or visited any retail store, you’ve probably noticed the large number of bright fluorescent colors mixed and matched together. Now you can give your customers the bright fluorescent finish they have been asking for with extra sparkle, or icing.

These Fluorescent shades have the true glitter finish of Glitter Flake and maintain their opacity on dark-colored garments, giving you a vibrant fluorescent color every time.

Watch this video to see how CAD-CUT Glitter Flake Fluorescents will be the icing on your cake this summer.

Video: Introducing CAD-CUT Glitter Flake Fluorescent Colors


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