Get Out Your Sunglasses – Neon is Back

by Lindsay Purrington, Marketing

Neon Pre-Cut & Pre-Spaced
Add this hot trend to sports and fashion apparel. Shown here: Pre-Spaced Text with Pre-Cut Numbers.

Neon is back in a BIG way! At a family party I went to this past weekend, every single teen or tween in attendance was wearing at least one item of neon clothing. Whether it was their shoes, their skinny jeans, their headbands, or hoodies, neon was definitely big among the group. I even spotted some adorable neon green onesies recently while shopping for my 9-month-old.

It looks like this trend is here to stay… for a little while at least. These brighter than bright shades have been showing up not only in fashion looks, but have been embraced and perhaps made even more popular by the sports world. Just look at some of the colors that have been popping up on uniforms for almost every major sports league. The neon greens, yellows, and even pinks are showing up all over the place, from college football to the NFL® Pro Bowl and NHL® All-Star Game, where “Elite Green” made an appearance.

Student athletes and recreational players are looking to wear this same eye-catching look. You can help your customers look like the pros with neon-colored Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers, Pre-Spaced Numbers, and Pre-Spaced Text. Neon shades are available in some of Stahls’ most popular materials, including SportFilm Lite™, Fashion-FILM®, and Premium Plus™, and these letters and numbers apply with just a heat press.

2015 NHL All-Star Jerseys
Bright colors were incorporated into the NHL All-Star jersey design.
[Image from]
And there are plenty of other bright color options in our heat transfer material selection. In addition to the materials listed above, Try CAD-CUT® Neon or the six fluorescent shades of Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material if you’re cutting your own designs with a vinyl cutter.

There’s no doubt that you will be seeing neons on uniforms and fashion wear this summer. Make sure to stay on top of this trend by offering a quick, easy way to get this look. You may want to throw in a free pair of sunglasses along with the finished garments!

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  1. Hi:

    We’re so excited! Our customers have been asking for neon numbers.

    We usually order Thermo-Film numbers. Your customer service told me that we could use Fashion-Film or Premium Plus.

    Could we get a sample of these neon numbers in the different materials so we can see what works best for us?

    Thank you,

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