Loading Vinyl for Maximum Usage – Demo with GCC Puma III, GX-24 & Refine MH721

Maximizing Vinyl Usage with your cutter!

Hopefully these Tuesday Tip Jar posts as well as the other helpful posts published throughout the week are having a positive impact on your business.  This edition of Tip Jar has the potential to have a positive effect on your bottom line.  Think about dropping a $1.00 per yard back into your pocket….

You may remember about 30 days back we demonstrated how to make use of scrap vinyl in your cutter…now we’ll show  you how to limit the amount of scrap you create by teaching you the most efficient ways to load material into your cutter.

Common mistakes such as not retracting the vinyl before sending a job or placing the pinch rollers in an incorrect location throw away as much as $1.00 per yard.  These added costs are potential profits that most businesses can’t afford to give up.

Whether you own one of the plotter cutters featured (Roland GX-24, GCC Puma III & Refine MH721) or another brand, this video will give you the basic techniques towards efficient utilization of vinyl.  If you don’t yet own a cutter but are considering a purchase, you’ll definitely want to watch as this will surely help you with your decision!

Enjoy this edition of Tip Jar and we’ll be back next week with another!

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One thought on “Loading Vinyl for Maximum Usage – Demo with GCC Puma III, GX-24 & Refine MH721”

  1. Cool tips keep them coming.
    Ganging up jobs makes really efficient use of the vinyl. Make sure you get all the same colour jobs done at once. Cut all your white jobs for the day.
    If you have only scraps left and are desperate, turn the piece if vinyl so that the long piece is not parallel to the front of the cutter but perpendicular to the opening of the cutter. The pinch rollers get much closer this way and you can cut the same file on a much smaller piece of vinyl.

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