Let the Games Begin

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The summer games are about to begin, meaning that we’ll soon be glued to our TVs to see if the plucky weightlifter from Equatorial Guinea can bring a medal home, or whether Vanuatu can finally win the badminton gold. One reason the games are fascinating to watch is because it’s fun not only to root on your own country, but to see the stories (and efforts) of athletes from place we might never have heard of.

The spectacle begins tonight with the opening ceremonies. Athletes from around the world will dress in matching outfits and walk into the stadium, waving as if their lives depended on it. I’m sure many dreams have dashed because athletes failed at their events due to arm exhaustion from waving.

Interpretive dance will surely play a huge part in the ceremonies, along with melodramatic songs from famous English crooners. And the doves! You know there will be plenty of doves released, symbolizing peace and unity and providing an economic surge for local car washes.

But once the flame is lit and the games begin, focus will turn back to sport. Personally, I’ll have my quadrennial appointment with all things volleyball, living and dying with every dig and bump from players I’ve never heard of and won’t again (at least for four years). But that’s also part of the fun – rabidly watching sports that you only watch every four years. And trying to figure out what a libero is and why they wear a different jersey from the rest of the team.

As a heat printer, the games are a perfect opportunity to make creative shirts to cheer on and celebrate customers’ favorite athletes. Fashion Film™ Metallic II heat transfer material might immediately jump to mind for honoring the metals in the medals, but thinking outside the box could lead to some very creative designs.

Mixing media, for instance, can lead to some eye-popping results. Why not use gold Fashion Film Metallic II, bronze Glitter Flake, and substitute Fashion-REFLECT™ for silver? The differing levels of shine, plus variety of textures, will be sure to get noticed.

Fashion Film Electric and CAD-CUT® Hologram can also be used to simulate medals, giving your design a unique look. If you prefer embroidery, you can even go for the gold with our shimmering metallic appliqué fabrics. The possibilities are almost limitless.

So, as you watch the games, keep in mind that a heat press and some heat transfer materials can help put your designs on the podium.

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