Interviews About Interviews

by Tina and Bella, Web Marketing Interns

Remember – you’re not the only one being interviewed.

Throughout the summer the interns have the opportunity to listen and ask questions while having lunch with members of Stahls’ management. We learn about their current role at Stahls’, their past experiences, plus some helpful tips. This week we had the chance to meet with Marketing Manager Colleen Young. Because we are working in the web marketing department this summer, we were intrigued to see the differences between marketing on the web and print marketing.

Colleen talked about the different positions held in her department and the past experiences that led her to Stahls’. As conversation continued we began talking about our dream jobs and how we plan to get there. We asked Colleen various questions about how we should go about achieving our dreams with most of them revolving around the interview process.

She gave us some of her personal tips that she uses and looks for when interviewing:

-Be yourself.

-Roll with the punches.

-You’re not the only one being interviewed -interview them too.

-Don’t be nervous, relax.

-If the conversation doesn’t flow well with your potential future boss, that position may not be the best fit for you.

-Most importantly, apply for jobs that you will enjoy.

As college students who will be going through the interviewing process in the near future, it’s always valuable to learn tips from the insiders of the business world.

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