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How to Use a Hat Heat Press

Why Make Custom Hats with a Hat Heat Press

  • It’s easy – secure the hat, place the transfer and heat press
  • Print any type of hat
  • Small investment in a new business opportunity
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space
  • Very profitable
  • Print any quantity
  • Any type of heat press transfers will apply

Top 6 Hat Heat Press Tips

No matter what type of heat press transfer you plan to apply, here are some basic cap printing heat press application tips:

Clear the Heat Press Area

Remove any cardboard that may be in the hat. If the hat has a decorative polyester cord or braid running across the front of the cap, make sure to lift this up over the top of the hat before loading it on the platen. Applying a transfer on top of the cord interferes with the application process and may melt the cord as well.

black hat with roping
Port Authority ® 5-Panel Snapback Cap. C932

Prevent Creases

If the hat has a “sweatband” or flap of additional material underneath the front of the hat where it meets the brim, pull this down before loading the hat on the platen. If you load the hat without flattening this portion of the hat, it will cause creases in the transfer, and can also prevent proper application. Watch how to place the hat on the platen in this quick hat press video.

hat with sweatbad pulled out

Secure the Hat

Always use the hat hold-down device to keep the surface of the hat taut. Then load the hat by grabbing the sides of the bill and slide it on from the side. You want to be sure the hat is tight against the platen so you have even pressure. WATCH VIDEO

hat heat press with lock down

Pre-Heat the Hat

Before applying the transfer, pre-heat the hat to remove excess moisture and reduce wrinkles (this step is not required if using lower heat).

Change The Hat Press Platens

Use a hat platen designed to fit the shape of the hat, and make sure the transfer applying won’t wrinkle or shift during application. (If using a newer style of hat heat press with a universal, one-size-fits-all heated lower platen, you don’t have to worry about this.)

interchangable hat heat press platens for different size hats

Thermo Tape

Consider using thermo-adhesive tape to hold transfers in place before lowering the platen. The platen area is curved which can cause the transfer to slide around. Watch this quick video tutorial on how to use thermo tape.

If you’re ready to start decorating hats, check out what customers are saying about the 360 Hat Heat Press. It’s the only hat press you’ll ever need.

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