How To: Create Mixed-Media Designs with HTV

Create Premium Looks with 3-Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs

If you tuned in to the Making it Together educational session on May 13, you saw Josh Ellsworth create a complicated 3-color mixed-media design using two of our most popular heat transfer vinyl.

Using STAHLS’ CadworxLIVE® free online design software, he walks you through setting up the custom design using a new editable templates and how to properly layer and apply it on your garment. If you’re not familiar with this online program or need a refresher, watch this in-depth video on how to get started.

Creating a design from start to finish may seem like a daunting task, but with the right education and practice, it’s possible. Get ready to become a mixed-media pro and start seeing the positive reactions from your customers immediately.

What You Need:

How To Apply:

  1. Customize template in CadworxLIVE®
  2. Send each layer to vinyl cutter and cut in corresponding material and color
  3. Weed away excess material
  4. Preheat press to 300°F and thread garment onto lower platen
  5. Center Navy UltraWeed™ design face down and tack for 2 seconds, remove carrier
  6. Line up Bright Red UltraWeed™ design and tack for 2 seconds, remove carrier
  7. Layer final Flock II design, cover and press for full application – Time: 15 sec, Pressure: Medium, Peel: Cold

For a full tutorial on how to get this look, watch the video below.

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