How to Heat Apply Two Color Letters or Numbers

by Juliet Kalmeta, Technical Support Specialist

One of the most popular questions asked is how to heat apply two color letters or numbers. Every day the challenge of adding an additional color to a name, number, team name, etc. arises. Most of you probably have heat applied enough two color designs to reach the moon and back, but for those of you who are just starting out, I’ve made a video demonstrating how to heat apply two colors in some basic product types.

  • Pre-Cut Letters or Numbers: letters or numbers that are cut with a die, individually so they need to be manually aligned when heat applied
  • Laser Cut: material cut with a laser that sears the edges and is a technique used to produce no-sew twill
  • Overlap Split Front: design cut with an overlap to be applied to a button up jersey

In this video, I’ll explain what each product type is, demonstrate the technique for fast production, and show the difference between heat applying two layers of heat transfer material at the same time vs. one layer at a time. I’ll also show how to place an overlap split front design onto a button-down jersey to ensure alignment of the logo for each side and color.

I’ll do all of this without using any additional accessories to help with alignment and placing…

So the process only gets easier with a little extra help from items such as layout templates or thermo-tape. Since I mentioned these accessories, now would be a good time to mention what they’re used for!

  • Layout Boards: template guides designed to create perfect arcs or straight layouts when using pre cut letters or numbers.
  • Thermo-Tape: Heat resistant tape that holds graphics and lettering in place before and during heat application.

Although you can heat apply two colors without these tools, they just may make the production a little more fast and easy! So bring your designs to the next level and offer two colors…watch how it’s done!

Video: How to heat apply 2 color letters or numbers

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