Get This Look: 3-Color Glitter HTV Design

Get This Look is a blog series where we show you how to create a unique look from our team of designers with instructions from start to finish. Download the PDF or watch the video to see how to Get This Look.

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CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake is one of the most popular heat transfer vinyl finishes among customers. In this Get This Look, see how to take a simple design and turn it into something with more character and pizzazz using three colors of Glitter Flake. Your customers would love this personalized design heat pressed with a single color, but with three – they will definitely be placing orders.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Equipment: Vinyl Cutter and a Heat Press Machine
Garment: Kavio! Sheer Jersey Raw Edge Scoop Neck Cold Shoulder Short Sleeves, Style PJP0686
Materials: CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake – Pale Yellow, Beach Blue, Rainbow Coral

Watch the video or download the PDF guide with step by step instructions for creating this design.

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5 thoughts on “Get This Look: 3-Color Glitter HTV Design”

  1. I enjoyed the video, I have not long got the vinyl bug. my young granddaughter would love the owl. I have seen a few of your tutorials (been subscribed for a while) all well worth a watch. Look forward to the next one

  2. Okay so I’ve watched a lot of you alls videos and I have to ask where do you get your images? Do you create them? Are they available to download. Honestly the putting the items together is super helpful but teach us how to make our own design would be an awesome feature….everything yo do is amazing thanks for sharing

  3. Typically you would start with the largest color/area. Because this design is all the same material. It really doesn’t matter what goes first.

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