How the Hover Heat Press Fits With the DTG Industry

by Patrick Seward, GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance representing: Metro NY and New Jersey

While attending the Promotions East convention last week, I noticed that the number of Direct to Garment (DTG) manufacturers and end-users are still growing. I watched as Brother® decorated shirts, with a huge full color machine, and people were excited to see the finished garment.

The graphics from the DTG units are getting better and the ink is lasting longer simply due to technological advances. Despite all of the Direct to Garment printer’s abilities, the ink still needs to be cured by heat. This is where Stahls’ comes in; cue the Hotronix® Hover Press™.

Although not our most popular heat press, the Hover Heat Press has its place in the industry. It has the ability to press a garment like a standard  Auto-Open Clam, or it can be set to hover above a freshly decorated (DTG) garment, for the perfect surface cure. The second stage allows pressure to be used and causes the ink to bond with the fabric even further to achieve a terrific look and feel.

I witnessed the excitement that Hotronix heat presses can create when a long time DTG user came to the booth and purchased a Hover press, without even seeing it in person!

Please keep the Hover Press in mind if the need ever arises. Here is a great video clip of the machine in action:

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