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Home Iron vs. Heat Press: What You Should Know

Makers, Crafters and Hobbyists! Are you still using a hand iron to apply heat transfer vinyl? If you are tired of the guesswork, ruined garments and limitations, follow the STAHLS’ Craft Corner YouTube Playlist to see how a heat press will save you time, improve quality, increase offerings and maximize profits.

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Here are the top 5 reasons you should be upgrading your iron to a heat press:

1. TIME – Enjoy the benefit of digital time readout and countdown. You will spend a fraction of the time and effort of a hand iron! Why spend 90 seconds per shirt when you can get it done in 15 seconds with a heat press?  If you are doing high volume or multi-color designs, that’s a lot of time savings. You’re welcome.

2. TEMPERATURE – accurate temperate can be a challenge when using a hand iron, not knowing exactly what temperature you are getting can result in ruined garments or designs falling off.

3. PRESSURE – Even distribution of pressure is critical to proper adhesion of your HTV design, and impossible to achieve with a hand iron. With consistent pressure you will have improved adhesion and increased durability of your product, long after it leaves your home.

4. LARGE DESIGNS – If you are moving your hand iron several times to cover your design, you will love the convenience of a larger platen. This will save a lot of time and hassle and re-positioning of your garment.

5. INCREASED PRODUCT OFFERINGS – Heat presses have interchangeable platens which allow you to offer customers additional products. Keep up with the most current trends in bags, shoes, umbrellas and more. Cha-ching!

With a professional heat press, you can easily see how to increase profits and customer satisfaction by offering better quality, more variety and quicker turnaround.

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