Help Fans Welcome the NHL Back with Official Player Kits

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

NHL/NHLPA Player Name & Number Kits

The holidays have passed, college football has ended for the season, and professional football is wrapping up – sports fans are finding themselves with a lot of extra time on their hands. This is especially true in northern climes, where many folks have been in a deep funk for months. Some may blame this on the cold or longer periods of darkness, but those of us in Hockeytown and in the State of Hockey, not to mention Hogtown, Cowtown, and Beantown, know that it’s because of the absence of the NHL.

Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself – customers walking in forlornly, aimlessly looking for some new personalized gear, perhaps even shedding a tear at the sight of their beloved team’s sweater (that’s right, I said “sweater”). A jersey customized with your favorite player’s name doesn’t bring much joy when he’s not playing.

Well, our long international nightmare is over. A tentative deal has been reached and the season should be underway within the next couple of weeks. Fans will soon be oohing and aahing over Ovechkin snipes and Datsyukian dekes, and they’ll want to honor their heroes with customized jerseys.

Whether your customer is looking to add the name of a current player to his or her jersey, or to personalize the jersey of their favorite team, Stahls’ provides what you need. Official NHL®/NHLPA® Player Name and Number Kits are available to create replica jerseys of current NHL players. Just select the team name and jersey type (home, away, or alternate, if applicable), then choose a player from the roster. You can even add a “C” (for the team captain) or “A” (for the alternate captains), and a name bar, if the team’s jersey requires one.

The process is much the same for Personalized NHL Kits. Choose the team and jersey type, then enter your customer’s name and desired jersey number. As with the official kits, captain/alternate letters and name bars are available to complete your personalization.

Each name and number has an adhesive backing, allowing it to be set into place with a heat press. The kit must then be sewn for permanent application.

So, the NHL will soon be back and all is right with the world. And you’ll be ready to handle hockey customization orders that will come your way. Game on!

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