Heat Transfer Materials for the Space Age

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

SuperTEK™ Sublistop™
SuperTEK™ Sublistop™ stops bleed-through on sublimated polyester garments.

I don’t know if you heard about this, but they’ve put a man on the moon.  The moon!  I was blown away. I should have known such a thing had happened, what with music being sold on those silver discs and people talking on phones in their cars!

Yes, things sure are happening fast these days.  Even heat presses have hit the space age. The Hotronix® Fusion™, for example, has features that used to be considered the stuff of space ships – digital time, temperature and pressure readouts, touch screen technology, auto on/off settings – Captain Kirk would have been impressed.

And now heat transfer materials are following suit. Stahls’ new TEK™ materials are the most technologically advanced heat transfer materials ever. Designed specifically for sportswear and performance apparel, they’re lightweight with a soft hand, have remarkable stretch and rebound, and they apply at low temperatures to almost any fabric.

The secret behind TEK’s incredible adhesion is STiX2™ adhesive. It applies to virtually any material, including Lycra®/spandex and nylon.  And its low application temperature allows it to be applied without scorching heat-sensitive performance fabrics.

Three printable heat transfer materials lead off the TEK line:

FoilTEK™ Printable – As we’ve already mentioned, it’s lightweight and stretchable, plus it allows you to create designs with bold color effects. In addition to a metallic shimmer, the Silver Shift and Gold Shift colors allow some of the underlying color to show through, giving a different appearance to your designs, depending on the color of fabric to which they’re applied.

Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and Metallic White give your designs a more opaque metallic effect.

SuperTEK™ Opaque – As the name implies, this material is opaque, meaning your color designs will pop out with same vibrance on light or dark materials.  And, of course, it features the stretchability and soft hand that are the hallmarks of Stahls’ TEK materials.

SuperTEK™ Sublistop™ – With all the different sublimated fabrics out there, including sublimated polyester jerseys, dye migration can be a problem.  Not with SuperTEK Sublistop! ONYX STiX2™, the industry’s only stretchable, dye-inhibiting adhesive, has a charcoal-based lining which helps prevent bleed-through. So, whether it’s applied to light or dark-colored garments, your SuperTEK Sublistop design will look great and won’t be marred by dye migration.

All three new printable TEK heat transfer materials are now available for order. Try them out today and bring your printed designs into the space age – and beyond!


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