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Heat Transfer Foil: 5 Best Practices For Decoration

Looking for new ways to add business and increase sales? Or are you looking to add one of the industry’s hottest trends to your apparel business? If you are a school, a retail tee shop, children’s apparel or boutique, adhesive and foil is the perfect way to add unique products to your offering.

Top 5 Best Practices When Using Foil:

1. When working with heat applied adhesive and foil, make sure you’re using a substrate that is smooth for the best overall finish. Tightly woven cotton such as a ring spun cotton or other synthetic fabrics such as polyester, work best. But don’t be afraid to think outside of the t-shirt box. Heat Transfer Foil works great on accessories too, bags, hats and more!

2. If you love the look of metallic finishes but you don’t want the mirror-like effect, just cover the foil pressed design with a cover sheet and heat apply for an additional 2-3 seconds. Now you have bling appeal but in a low luster look that customers love.

3. Mix it up! The beauty of working with foil is that you can be as creative as you want. Create color blocking and striped effects, multi-color graffiti patterns, or 2-color distressed finish.

4. For larger jobs, try it with screen print. That’s right – foil works with plastisol ink. Save time cutting and weeding designs with STAHLS’ Transfer Express Foil Adhesive. Upload your artwork, and we’ll send your design ready to heat apply with the foil.

5. Take your foil designs to the next level by adding different finishes. Foil and adhesive pair great with many other CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl products. Whether it be Premium Plus for a matte finish, or Glitter Flake to add more dimension and bling – you can easily pair these products with adhesive and foil for mixed media looks that will ultimately yield more profit opportunity.

Need more information on how to decorate with Foil? Watch this video below:

In addition to the video, check out some of our other educational resources like this ebook and download the Complete Guide to Heat Printing Foil or read more about adhesive and foil decoration.

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4 thoughts on “Heat Transfer Foil: 5 Best Practices For Decoration”

  1. Please send me the full instructions fir the use of heat transfer foil.
    Thank you.


  2. Hi Vita! Adhesive and Foil is a two-step application process. You have to cut the adhesive first with a cutter, then the foil will be applied on top of that. All of our application instructions can be found on our site under each product in the “User Guide” tab, or you can find the application instructions for ALL of our products here: https://www.stahls.com/application-instructions

  3. Hi there;
    1. Could you please list substrates for heat transfer foil?
    2. Is it possible to heat transfer foil on Real and Faux leather?
    3. Which Heat Transfer Vinyl can we put on Real leather?
    Warm Regards

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