foil heat transfer article in printwear magazine

Have Fun with Foil in January’s Printwear Magazine

The January 2017 edition of Printwear magazine features “Fun with Foil,” an article on heat transfer foils by Stahls’ own Josh and Zach Ellsworth. The article covers the process of applying foil using heat press adhesive, and how this method can be preferable to applying foil to screen printed graphics, especially for small runs.

Heat Transfer FoilHeat press adhesive improves the process by allowing you to cut and weed any number of designs, even with fine details, without the mess of screen printing. Plus it creates a stronger bond with the foil, making these embellishments last longer than ever.

After covering the basics of heat transfer foil, along with a few tips and tricks, Josh and Zach move on to alternative applications, like multi-color foil application, mixed-media designs, and distressed foil.

Find out more about the advantages of heat transfer foil and how to create eye-catching designs in the January 2017 issue of Printwear.

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2 thoughts on “Have Fun with Foil in January’s Printwear Magazine”

  1. Will the actual gold foil ever be back? Not the yellow gold, but the gold that is shown in a lot of the pictures?

  2. Hi Brianna,

    We are planning on launching some new foil colors soon – one of them being Bright Gold, which is very close to our original Gold foil. So be on the lookout for our new foil colors, coming soon.

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