The Latest Trend is a Heat Press Away

Patches have been a popular and unique symbol of identification used for military and other uniformed workers since the early 1800s. They signified rankings and accomplishments and were embroidered and sewn onto uniform sleeves.

Over time, patches went from serving a purpose to breaking barriers in the fashion world. These trendy designs translated across many decades and groups, helping to represent individuality. While you may think of patches as brightly colored embroidered designs on hats, jackets, or jeans, leather patches have been around just as long. They provide a unique, high-end look and offer extreme durability.

Maybe you’ve seen leather patches popping up on social media, in neighboring shops, or own a few decorated items yourself. Or maybe you have customers asking if this is something you can do. If you’ve thought about offering this premium product in your shop but didn’t think you had the right equipment to get started, we’ve solved that challenge for you. You can now get Heat Applied Leather Patches as part of our Custom Logo Services.

These genuine leather patches are laser etched to give a rugged, yet refined look to whatever they’re applied to. Best of all, you don’t have to invest in any new equipment—they’re available in heat applied or pressure-sensitive versions for durable apparel and hard goods.

If your customers can think it, chances are we can etch it. Our Leather Patches are proven to hold fine details and come in a variety of colors and finishes to bring your customer’s vision to life.

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6 thoughts on “The Latest Trend is a Heat Press Away”

  1. Yes you can apply leather without the 360. You will find directions on the Stahls’ website.
    The key is to really heat the lower platen, whether it’s a hat or shirt press. You’ll want to increase the dwell time.

  2. Hi Nathan! Thank you for reading this post. We are striving for a launch on these in Canada end of September, or October. Stay tuned!

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