Heat Press Boot Camp

Submitted by: Cara Cherry

Over the last few years, online learning has taken over classrooms and made traditional teaching methods almost obsolete. Online classes, webinars, and videos are designed to make learning easier and more convenient. While this is true, there are those times when a little face time can really stimulate learning.

Ken Chadwick is a Sales Representative for the GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance. He represents six states along the Eastern seaboard for Stahls’ ID Direct, Transfer Express, and Imprintables Warehouse.  During his travels, Ken has received a lot of feedback from his customers about how much they enjoy the Great Garment Graphic webinars but they’d love to attend a hands-on seminar closer to home. Although trade shows offer great opportunities to check out products and attend educational workshops, many customers live far away from the big convention halls and they aren’t able to leave their business to attend.

Ken decided to offer a hands-on boot camp for his customers who wanted to learn more about the products Stahls’ offers. The boot camp would also give customers a chance to test drive some of the newer products.  Ken talked to industry icon, Rick Roth, CEO of Mirror Image Inc. a screen printing distributor in Pawtucket, RI. Rick was kind enough to donate the use of one of his buildings for the boot camp.

Each attendee will receive swatches of materials and catalogs. They will have a chance to touch and feel a variety of materials as well as cut and heat apply graphics and then apply them onto garments.

Ken hopes the boot camp will be a great success and he plans on holding one every couple of months at a different location within his territory. If you’d like to attend a future boot camp session or would like to inquire about Ken or another GSSA Representative coming to your neighborhood, please leave a comment and let us know.

Boot Camp Sessions:

Monday, July 18, 2011               9-11 am, 12-2 pm, 3-5 pm

Wednesday, July 20, 2011         9-11 am, 12-2 pm, 3-5 pm

Call (617) 312-7453 to register.

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