Get Your Head in the Game With a Cap Press

By Peggy Elliott, Product & Training Manager

Learn How to Heat Print Hats
Learn How to Heat Print Hats

Do you own (or are you considering buying) a cap heat press? There are many different kinds of hats you can heat print and plenty of product options.

When it comes to decorating headwear, you can use full color digital transfers, appliqué, letters and numbers, or add embellishments with transfer paper and heat transfer foil.

Here are a few ways to gain additional business through suggestive selling and up-selling to your customers:

1. Create a “tree of hats” to display in your store. Mix it up between fashion, sports, street wear, and charity events to show your customers you can create hats of all kinds.

2. Have a BOGO sale: buy a T-shirt and get a cap at half price.

3. Advertise personalization and customization. Let your customers choose their own design. Keep blank caps in stock and decorate with letters and numbers on demand. Stock pre-cut letters for quick personalization with initials or nicknames. Your customers, especially kids, will enjoy being part of the creation process for their one-of-a-kind hats.

We’ve put together a whole section on our website with placement tips for hats that will help in finding new markets for hat sales, and photographs to help inspire you.

Visit often to learn more ways to make additional profits heat printing hats!

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