Get This Look: Safety with Reflective HTV

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Safety is a top priority for anyone who has to work in low light or darkness. In this Get This Look, see how to keep staff safe by creating a reflective vest with CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect.

Skill Level: Beginner
Equipment: Vinyl Cutter and a Heat Press Machine
Garment: SanMar® Port Authority® Enhanced Visibility Vest, Style SV01
Materials: CAD-CUT® Hi-Vis Color Reflect – Black

Watch the video or download the PDF guide with step by step instructions for creating this design.

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2 thoughts on “Get This Look: Safety with Reflective HTV”

  1. I totally agree when you said that it is important to prioritize safety when someone is working in a low light or dark site. I can imagine how accidents can easily happen if a worker doesn’t notice another worker while operating a machine or a piece of equipment. With those types of clothing they can easily avoid causing injuries to other people while doing their tasks.

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