Get the New Old Look with Pre-Sewn Distressed

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Vintage Eroded Pre-Sewn
Vintage Eroded Pre-Sewn

As the saying goes, “everything old is new now.” Or, “everything old was new back then.” Or something like that. Anyway, the point is that “old” is fashionable now. Crisp, bright new clothes are waning in popularity while new things made to look old are surging. Now you can quickly and easily stay on the cutting edge of fashion (ragged as it may be) with new Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters and Numbers. And they apply with a heat press – no sewing required (now that’s a new idea that isn’t old).


Heritage Eroded Pre-Sewn
Heritage Eroded Pre-Sewn

A Stahls’ exclusive, these unique letters and numbers are available in two fonts Vintage Eroded letters and numbers come in one-color natural chino twill with cream stitching. For a two-tone look, Heritage Eroded offers gray jersey material stitched on black chino twill.


Make sure adhesive is removed at the perforation.

Both styles become more distressed the more they are washed. To help maximize this effect, make sure that the adhesive on the back of each letter has been properly removed. Adhesive should not reach to the edge of the letter. If it does, simply peel off any excess adhesive at the perforation.  This will ensure that the characters become more distressed with washing, enhancing the effect.

Pre-Sewn Distressed Letters and Numbers are available in packs or pre-sorted, boxed kits.

So start making old stuff new again, or new stuff old again, or new old stuff even older….

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