Freeze Tip Jar Video Tutorial – 3 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Creation

This edition of the Tip Jar features a wrap around print and 3 color design created from some of the summer’s best selling heat applied film – our Fashion-FILM Electric.

The inspiration for this shirt came from a simple piece of artwork,  a b-boy doing a freeze.  To set the freeze design off, we took an abstract piece of artwork (a halftone dot pattern) and placed it behind the breaker.

This may seem like a completed shirt….but we’re not done quite yet.

Next, we grabbed a roll of our SportFilm Lite™ vinyl and cut an oversized text design to heat press a wrap around print over the side seam.  The font for the design is called “Benny Blanco” downloaded for free from  In the video, you’ll see how to press this over sized design onto the garment and over the seam by breaking it down into sections.

After all of this planning, colors and layers we only have about $5-6 in heat transfer film on the garment.  Add that to a $3-5 t-shirt and you can bet there is plenty of profit to be made!

As always thanks for reading our Tip Jar Tuesday post and enjoy the video….

PS. Do try this t-shirt at home but not the break dancing moves:)

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4 thoughts on “Freeze Tip Jar Video Tutorial – 3 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Creation”

  1. @Jason McIntyre the dot pattern was actually a half tone pattern from Go Media’s Arsenal vector package, bought the set for $10. I placed the b-boy in the pattern within Corel and completed the back minus front function to remove the dots behind the b-boy.

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