Heat Transfer Material With A Foil-Like Finish

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Ever wish you could have a shirt so clean you could see yourself in it? Well,  you can. In this video, Josh Ellsworth of CADCUTDirect.com shows how easy it is to use Fashion Film™ Metallic II heat transfer material to make creative custom designs for T-shirts, bags, or whatever else you want to heat print. Now available in nine colors, Metallic II features a unique foil-like appearance that is sure to catch people’s eyes – even if they’re wearing mirror sunglasses, which happen to be part of Josh’s design.

The design also features CAD-CUT® Hologram, another foil-like heat transfer material. In addition to its luster, Hologram features a prism-like finish that’s great for fashion wear.

Whether used together or separately, Metallic II and Hologram heat transfer material create great eye-popping images.  Check out the video to see for yourself.

Video: Fashion-FILM™ Metallic II Heat Transfer Film & Hologram – Foil Like Finish

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