Trending Tips with FlexStyle® Emblems

It’s no surprise that our customers enjoy our dimensional products. FlexStyle® emblems are no exception! STAHLS’ strives to bring you the best materials and game-changing looks right to your doorstep. So what does this mean for you? Simply put — when you succeed, STAHLS’ succeeds. In order to succeed, you want to make sure you’re utilizing the right resources. Our education and social media platforms are intended to turn your thoughts and ideas into profits.

To start, hopefully you are a part of our Facebook family by now! If not, join our Heat Press for Profit group right on our Facebook page. Being a part of our community encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try different decoration methods you may not be trying. So many decorators worldwide come together and share their designs, ideas, experiences, troubleshooting tips, and more! Connecting and networking online is one beneficial way to stay in the “know” with the latest trends in the industry.

Speaking of trends, for the last two years our FlexStyle® emblems and Hotronix® 360 IQ® Hat Press have been the hot topic of discussion. To be frank, we can’t blame our customers! FlexStyle® emblems are the perfect solution for premium looks while adding dimension to your logo. Our emblems come in four different styles:

STAHLS' FlexStyle Beveled Custom Emblem

Beveled – Beveled edges for a sharp, refined look

FlexStyle emblems

Domed – Shiny finish with 3D bubble effect

FlexStyle emblems

Flat – Shiny 3D finish with a “flatter” appearance

FlexStyle emblems

Textured – Detailed color and textures

Now that you can see what FlexStyle® emblems are all about, check out these 4 Tips we recommend the next time you play around with emblems and your hat press!

#1 Proper application is key!

This should seem like a no brainer, right? Wrong! By now, I’m sure you’ve heard us mention the three magic words: Time, Temperature, and Pressure. This still remains true! FlexStyle® emblems and patches are extremely unique when it comes to their application process. When you apply an emblem with our 360 hat press, there are two heating elements that you have to account for. This press is uniquely made to offer top and bottom heat vs. just top heat with a standard heat press. To make sure your emblem adheres to your hat properly, always make sure to flip out the inner band inside the hat and secure it in place with the lever on the press. Once it is locked in place, you are ready to adjust your settings for both the lower and upper platens.

#2 Required Accessories = Best Results

Since emblems and dimensional products are unlike any of our traditional style HTV, it has to be handled differently! If you’re familiar with our CAD-CUT® materials, you have probably learned that a Kraft Cover Sheet is an essential tool when heat applying your design onto your garment. Like a cover sheet, foam pads are crucial for getting FlexStyle® to apply properly. Adding an extra layer of protection and to avoid scorching, you’ll want to have this handy. Make sure to always use your FlexStyle® Silicone Pad any time you are using these emblems. This will act as a cover sheet and make the application process a breeze!

#3 Stand Out With Mixed Media Designs

Did you know that you can order clear media when working with Flat or Textured emblem styles? This has been a game changer when trying out new mixed media design ideas! Josh recently heat applied our CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ on a hat as a base layer and then put clear FlexStyle® over it, giving it a cool “patch” effect. Some may ask why would you do this? Having clear media on hand allows you to rotate out designs and colors without worrying about additional set-up fees. The result of this experiment was genius. Check it out below!

FlexStyle emblems

If you like what you see here, on your next purchase make sure to choose “clear” as your media choice when you add to your cart.

#4 Don’t Forget About Pressure Sensitive Options

Even though decorating apparel and hats can be fun, don’t forget profit opportunities with non-apparel add-ons such as mugs, tumblers, padfolios, etc. STAHLS’ offers a pressure sensitive version of FlexStyle® emblems that has a super adhesive bond making it a permanent stick.

FlexStyle emblems

To learn more about our FlexStyle® products, make sure to check out this previous blog post for some dimensional logo inspiration.

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