Female athletes have taken their game to the next level…

Are you up to the challenge?

by Paul Sabatini, Marketing Support

Customized Uniforms for Female Athletes
Customized Uniforms for Female Athletes

When it comes to team sportswear and equipment girls want to be treated even better than the boys.

In the past, finding girls’ sports equipment and feminine uniforms was slim to none.  Nowadays, if you’re not providing girls’ apparel and equipment you are in the minority.

Currently in the marketplace girls will use a boys/men’s product if the fit is better or if they like the quality and look of the product. In some cases the men’s product is more diverse and provides a higher quality. This is true in footwear or equipment in some cases, but when it comes to the uniform all bets are off.

Female athletes prefer to have comfortable and good looking uniforms. Uniforms have graduated from the heavy, scratchy, and box cut styles to lightweight, moisture wicking, contour cut styles we are seeing today. This is what female athletes have set their eyes on.

In some recent articles I’ve read, in Team Insight Magazine , regarding sports apparel and uniforms; female athletes have indicated the two most important attributes are comfort and looking good. They are looking to also have the uniform be more stylish and not plain looking. Additionally having their name and number on the uniform is high on the list of priorities.

Stahls’ can help you with your decorating needs for any of the uniform requests that you receive.

With our heat transfer materials and digital media we’ll have you covered for customizing a uniform, with lightweight, visually graphic, or textured possibilities. All you’ll need is a heat press.

If you’re looking to add a name and number to the uniform we offer our popular pre-cut letters and numbers in a variety of sizes and styles.

Another great option would be our SimStitch™ letters and numbers or custom SimStitch product. You can achieve the look of embroidery without the sewing and be able to provide a lighter weight garment and less expensive option to embroidery.




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