Family: The Spirit of Stahls’

by Lindsay Purrington, Marketing

The view from Lindsay’s front porch amidst the deluge.

They say that in times of adversity, a person’s true character is revealed. If that is true, I recently learned how amazing my Stahls’ co-workers really are. I learned that they are a group of strong, loyal, encouraging, and optimistic people to say the least.

On August 11th, I suffered a catastrophic loss of property at my home due to a “once in 500 years” flood which affected much of metro Detroit. The two lower levels of my home were completely submerged and part of my main floor was flooded as well. Our home, garage, yard and entire neighborhood were below several feet of water as the powerful rains overwhelmed the city’s drainage system.   We lost a mind-boggling amount of property including furniture, our children’s toys, family photos, Christmas ornaments, clothing, appliances, etc. Our cars were irreparably damaged as well. Needless to say, as a family with two young children (2 month old & 2 yr. old), my husband and I were overwhelmed. We knew that we would need to rely on the help of our friends and family to recover from this disaster.

My Stahls’ “family” stepped up BIG TIME. Within a few days of the flood, about 20 members of the web marketing & marketing departments showed up at my house with rubber gloves, masks, pizza and smiling faces to help us through the tough time. They washed dishes, demolished walls, ripped up carpeting, cleaned my kitchen and cheered us up during a time we needed it most. In addition to those who were able to physically help, we also received support in the form of donated cleaning supplies & toys and kind words of support and encouragement.

I will never be able to thank the team enough. It’s great to know coming to work every day that I am surrounded by a “family” I know I can depend on when times get tough. So, thank you all for your help and for showing me just how brightly the Stahls’ character shines!


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