Energize Uniforms with Fusion Pre-Spaced Numbers

In physics, fusion is a reaction in which lighter nuclei collide to form a new, heavier nucleus, releasing huge amounts of energy.

In cooking, fusion is the combination of two ethnic or regional cooking styles into one appetizing menu – for example, combine French cuisine and a popular Canadian dish, and you get duck confit poutine (say that ten times fast).

And in heat printing, the Hotronix® Fusion™ heat press combines swinger and draw-style presses into one advanced machine.

Now Stahls’ adds another meaning for Fusion: a Pre-Spaced Number font, and our Number Style of the Week. Fusion creates an energetic futuristic look with both sharp and rounded edges, and attracts the eye with a design that combines solid and outlined font styles. Use it on soccer, softball, and other sports uniforms.

Number Style of the Week: Fusion

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