Comparing Embroidery to SimStitch

Have you had requests by your customers for Poly-TWILL polyester twill material but are unsure how to sew it if you only have a heat press machine and don’t have a place to outsource embroidery?  Poly-TWILL provides a classic professional look and higher value to sports uniforms and fan wear apparel – it’s a look you need in your product offering. But how do you get the look without adding expensive embroidery machinery to your shop? And if you have the equipment, how can you offering a budget option for customers who want the look of sewn twill, without the price tag?

Below is a cost example showing the difference between embroidery and SimStitch® for a player’s name. Each example is for a one-color name made up of 7 three-inch letters in Pro Block style:

The Results

The difference in your price to customers means higher per hour profit for your business. Take this example of a hockey league jerseys where there are 10 teams in the league and 20 players on each team.

Embroidering names on 20 jerseys for 10 teams will take around 16.5 hours.
Pressing SimStitch names on 20 jerseys for 10 teams will take just 3.3 hours.

Embroidery: $1,750/16.5 = $106 profit per hour
SimStitch®: $670 / 3.3 = $201 profit per hour.

That’s almost 90% higher profit in your pocket.

By suggesting SimStitch® to your teams, you can provide them with a budget alternative to embroidery that still has a high-end look with higher profits for your bottom line.

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