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by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Icethetics Olympic Jerseys by the Numbers
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Whether they’re for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or for any other sport, if you decorate uniforms you’ve no doubt seen a wide variety of colors and designs.  Ever wonder if the color of a jersey or its overall design (including names and numbers) has an effect on the team’s success?  Well, icethetics.co might be able to help.

The website, which covers the aesthetics of hockey uniforms (hence the name), is posting a running standings board for the men’s and women’s Olympic hockey tournament. But instead of team standings, the performance of each jersey is ranked.  For example, through February 16, host country Russia’s red jersey was in the lead at 6-0 (for both men’s and women’s games), with its white jersey ranking just 23rd, at 0-2. This was part of a larger trend – while red jerseys were dominating the field at 14-3, white jerseys were just 6-22.

Perhaps it’s all coincidence, but it’s still an interesting look at the possibility that what a team wears can affect its attitude – and the attitudes of its opponents.

Icethetics will be updating the standings through the end of the hockey tournaments this weekend so we’ll soon find out whether blue, red, white, black, or yellow took home the gold and made everyone else green with envy.

Also of interest to jersey decorators, on the same page is a graphic showing the number styles used in the Olympic hockey tournament and which teams are using each one (every team uses the same lettering for names).

And speaking of Olympic hockey jersey fonts, don’t forget that Stahls’ is offering official player name and number kits for the both the US and Canadian hockey teams.  To order a kit, whether your home team wears the color blue or the colour red, visit Stahls’ official NHL® player name and number kit page, select “2014 Canada Olympic” or “2014 USA Olympic” in the Team Name dropdown menu, then the jersey type (dark, white, alternate), and player’s kit you wish to order.

How much do you think a jersey color or design contributes to a team’s success? Let us know in the comments section.


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