diy holiday gift ideas for heat printers that you can make today with your cutter and heat press

5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Heat Printers

With the holiday season just around the corner, you hold the power to craft personalized gifts that will make this Christmas unforgettable. Here’s five DIY holiday gift ideas for heat printers that will let you put your heat press and vinyl cutter to work, spreading the joy of handmade presents!

  1. Wood Slice Ornaments
  2. Serving Tray
  3. Foil Holiday T-Shirts
  4. Personalized Blanket
  5. Cutting Board

Wood Slice Ornaments

Creating personalized holiday ornaments can be a delightful and budget-friendly way to spruce up your festive decorations. You don’t need to splurge! Transform simple and cost-effective natural wood slices into charming custom ornaments using your favorite special effect heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

These versatile wood slices can serve multiple purposes during the holiday season. While they make fantastic ornaments for your Christmas tree, they can also double up as wine bottle tags, gift tags, and so much more!

Serving Tray

No holiday table setting is truly complete without the addition of a personalized tray! Acquire a pre-made tray that’s ready for customization or start from scratch with an unfinished wood slice. Easily customize with Permanent Sign Vinyl, or add creative personalization with UltraColor® MAX direct-to-film transfers!

Note: Coat the decorated side with clear epoxy or polyurethane sealant

DIY Holiday T-Shirts

The holidays are the perfect time for custom T-shirts. Elevate your festive attire with holiday spirit through the use of special effect heat transfer vinyl (HTV), like the eye-catching CAD-CUT® Adhesive and Foil. These unique materials transform an ordinary T-shirt with shimmer and shine that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye!

diy multi color holiday foil design on cream shirt that says "merry"
Materials Used:
CAD-CUT® Adhesive & Foil

Personalized Blanket

As the cozy season unfolds, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a warm and inviting blanket. Take your coziness to the next level by personalizing a soft throw blanket with a catchy phrase or a family name. With CAD-CUT® Soft Flock, decorating fleece and other plush materials with a soft, velvet texture is a breeze!

blanket with "stay cozy" design
Materials used:
White CAD-CUT® Soft Flock

Cutting Board

Creating customized cutting boards with sign vinyl adds a personal touch to kitchens, making ideal newlywed gifts. Transforms cutting boards into personalized pieces with sign vinyl, no heat press required!

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