STAHLS' Customer Uses Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press and CAD-CUT Soft Foam to Decorate Hats

See How One Customer is Getting Creative with the 360 IQ Hat Press

By being behind the scenes, we don’t always get to see how creative our customers can be when using our products and equipment. That’s why we love and rely heavily on our social media platforms! They allow us to connect with all types of customers and businesses, and it gives them the opportunity to show off their latest custom apparel and more. If you’re not already part of our Facebook group, Heat Press for Profit™ (HPFP), you should check it out. It’s a great resource where you can ask other entrepreneurs questions, get business advice, and see the other amazing projects fellow heat printers are creating.

A lot of customers are active in our HPFP group, sharing successes and challenges they’ve faced when using our HTV and heat presses. That’s where we first “met” Craig Rohwein of Screen 13—a heat printing business based in Washington, USA that specializes in creating custom headwear, shirts, outerwear, and more. He owns five Hotronix® heat presses, including his beloved 360 IQ Hat Press, and offers his customers some pretty impressive products.

Creating Custom Headwear is Easy with the 360 IQ Hat Press

Craig’s latest custom creation he shared with the group was a real head turner! He used our innovative Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Press to heat apply CAD-CUT® Soft Foam HTV onto Otto cork baseball caps for his wife. The end result was a really sharp looking product and caught the attention of many other members! Craig used his Graphtec cutter to recreate a look his wife saw while wine tasting in Walla Walla, Washington. He knew with his experience and equipment he could make a premium design at a fraction of the cost, and he did a phenomenal job.

Cannot believe it is so easy to make money with this machine! It is worth every penny!! Like anything, you do have to learn it. Amazing the different items you can decorate with it!

Craig Rohwein, Screen 13

Have you ever seen a T-shirt or hat and thought “Wow I wish I could make that myself!” Well, you’re in luck! With the right products and equipment, and a little inspiration from other apparel decorators, you can recreate almost anything! Make sure to request access to our Heat Press for Profit Facebook group to see Craig and all our other amazing customers’ creations. Happy heat printing!

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