Decorate for Success with Pressure Sensitive Sign Vinyl

2018 is a big year for product launches at Stahls’, and we’re excited to announce the launch of CAD-CUT® Permanent PS Sign Vinyl. Stahls’ strives to bring you products that you want, can make you profitable, and set you apart from other shops and our latest line is no different.

This sign vinyl allows you to use your existing equipment to add on sales by printing vinyl car decals and more. It’s a cost-effective way to create 1 and 2-color cut vinyl decals and signs. As a bonus, get everything you need for your business with one invoice, one shipping charge, and with the ease of Stahls’ ordering.

You can add a team logo on a hard good with a helmet decal for a truly uniform look, show spirit for a hometown player by decorating a yard sign, or get in on the trend of designing a window decal stick-figure family. With over 30 colors available, designing bright and bold decals for windows, cell phone cases, posters, tumblers, coffee mugs, and more is easier than ever!

Get decorating inspiration and view the available color options here.

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