Decorate Football Uniforms & Spirit, Fan Wear


Decorate Football Uniforms, Practice Gear, & Spirit Wear


Check out Stahls’ Marketing Sports Coordinator Paul Sabatini’s article, “Decorate Football Gear Head to Toe,” in the September issue of Wearables Magazine.

As Paul points out, decorating for football doesn’t have to start and end with the game day uniform. He covers how to make package sales by offering practice uniforms, spirit wear, and fan wear options. Thermo-FILM®, Poly-TWILL™, and Glitter Flake™ are all popular CAD-CUT® heat transfer material selections.

He also suggests trying out new decorating placements; by switching the lower platens of your heat press you can decorate shoes, flat brim hats, bags, gloves, and more.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out the Stahls’ How To Decorate Football Uniforms & Apparel page on our website.

Read Paul’s full article on the Wearables website.

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