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If you recently visited the Great Dane Graphics site, you may have noticed bold changes made to the artwork training book pages! We want you to have a clear understanding of exactly what you’re getting. The bottom line is: unmatched education provided by industry expert, Dane Clement, and his amazing team at Great Dane Graphics.

Dane’s passion is educating and he never misses an opportunity to share his knowledge with any level artist. He and his team have been hard at work cranking out a series of artwork training books called Artwork For. There are currently three books in the series—White Toner Transfers, DTG Printing, and Vinyl Cutting. No matter your skill level, these books are filled with tips for creating top-notch art from the very first print.

Artwork Training Books:

Don’t waste time printing mediocre art when the tools to tackle top challenges are at your fingertips. Artwork for White Toner Transfers was written to clear up common misconceptions about printing on white toner paper, help you design and set up better layouts, and uncover the secrets to creating optimal prints. Set yourself up for success and become the printing pro you always wanted to be.

Artwork For DTG Printing was created with the novice artist in mind. It goes beyond the basics and prepares you for designing advanced layouts and images. Fire up Photoshop® and follow along as Dane lets you in on the industry secrets to creating professional-quality art that prints smoother and quicker.

Ready to take the plunge into vinyl cutting but don’t know where to start? Let Artwork For Vinyl Cutting guide you through the basics and beyond. Using Adobe® or Corel® you’ll learn how to create art from a sketch, make clip art cuttable, and add bleeds to vector and raster art images. No matter your skill level, by the end of this book you’ll be cranking out designs and profiting more.

At the end of the books, you’ll find a link to download all the art files used in each lesson. I’d say that’s a win! If you’re looking for production-ready art, don’t forget to check out the Digital Stock Art Collections or sign up for an art subscription.

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