Creating Patriotic Looks with STAHLS’

Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are not only significant holidays for honoring our nation’s history and heroes but also present fantastic opportunities for apparel decorating businesses to engage with their local communities. As these holidays approach, consider how you can leverage the demand for patriotic apparel to provide customized T-shirts, hats, accessories, and more to local organizations, festivals, churches, and other groups celebrating these occasions.

Why Patriotic Apparel is Popular

Patriotic apparel is a staple during Memorial Day and Fourth of July festivities. It fosters a sense of unity and national pride, making it a popular choice for individuals and groups alike. From family gatherings to large community events, wearing red, white, and blue brings people together in celebration.

Product Ideas for Patriotic Looks


Using the Easy View® LTE Online Designer, you can create retail quality designs that can be ordered as UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers. These transfers provide vibrant and durable prints, perfect for any patriotic event. Or use our collection of patterned HTV to create unique standout looks.


Hats are another popular item, offering various styles such as baseball caps, bucket hats, and visors. Enhance these with stock flag patches or custom Emblems and Patches with different textures, finishes, and dimensions.


Bandanas, scarves, and bags are excellent additions to any custom apparel order. These smaller items can be easily customized with patriotic themes.

Custom Orders

Offering custom designs tailored to specific organizations or events can set your business apart. Encourage bulk orders for groups, sports teams, or community organizations to help them show their patriotic spirit in a unified way. Custom Emblems and Patches are perfect for adding a personal touch to any apparel, accessory, or hat.

Creating and selling patriotic apparel for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July is a great way to engage with your community and boost your business. With STAHLS’ wide range of products and tools, you can offer high-quality, customized looks that will be a hit at any event. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of our military discount if you’re a veteran or active military member, ensuring you have access to the best supplies at a great price.

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