Creating Animal Prints with CAD-CUT Materials

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Kids love the Fisher-Price See ‘n Say. And while it teaches them what the cow says, as well as the duck, the pig, and the rooster, the sayings of the zebra, tiger, and snow leopard are conspicuous by their absence (Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis has already taught us what the fox says).

While we might not know what those three animals say, Josh Ellsworth shows us how to use Stahls’ CAD-CUT® heat transfer vinyl to make cool designs mimicking their unique patterns. In this video, Josh creates animal prints from Glitter Flake™, Thermo-FILM®, and Fashion-FILM® Electric, showing just how easily you can do it yourself with a vinyl cutter and a heat press.

We still might not know what the zebra, tiger, and snow leopard say, but we do know that your customers will say that they love these animal print designs!

Video: Creating Animal Patterns with CAD-CUT Direct Heat Applied Materials


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