Cool Down Your Heat Press, Heat Up Your Sales

by Christian Herominski, Marketing

Premium Plus
Design made with Neon Yellow CAD-CUT Premium Plus

With the Memorial Day weekend behind us and today being the Summer Solstice, summer has both unofficially and officially begun. With summer comes the heat, and with the heat comes thinner, lighter weight garments.

Think tri-blends, tank tops, and T-shirts. Now think about decorating these items. Perhaps you’re familiar with the dreaded heat press box or scorch marks when heat printing thin, sensitive fabrics?

Fear not. Stahls’ has the decorating solutions that allow you to heat print these garments and more, and allow you to do so with confidence.

All we’re asking you to do is cool down your heat press at home to heat up your sales. This is possible by using any one of our specially-designed heat transfer materials that apply at temperatures as low as 280°F.

For simpler one to three-color designs, try CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ heat transfer vinyl. This lightweight, stretchable heat transfer material is great for decorating everything from tanks and tees, to performance wear and moisture-wicking garments. Best of all, its low-temperature application (280° F) makes decorating them a breeze.

When it comes to full color designs, look no further than Stahls’ CAD-COLOR® TEK™ line of printable heat transfer materials. With a variety of different finishes, including foils and glosses, along with their low-temperature applications (280° to 300° F), we’re confident that you’ll be confident when heat printing your customers’ logos on any thin summer garment.

Watch this video to learn more about Premium Plus:

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