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Condors Soar into Metallic Uniforms

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

[Images from http://bakersfieldcondors.com]

Minor league teams are known for outrageous promotions and for taking chances with uniform designs.  The Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL (formerly the East Coast Hockey League), a minor league equivalent to AA baseball, recently introduced new jerseys that will at least be eye-catching.

In a nod to the scavenging birds which are their namesake, the Condors news black jersey will feature a sublimated wing design in metallic Dazzle fabric on the sleeves. The metallic theme is continued with silver piping and the city name, Bakersfield, in nickel metallic at the bottom of the jersey.

The white version of the jersey has a metallic Dazzle wing design on the shoulders and on the sleeves, as well as the same metallic “Bakersfield” as the black version.

The president of the Condors, Matthew Riley, calls the new designs “the greatest jerseys in the world.” While that distinction is typically in the eye of the beholder, they certainly are a departure from standard hockey jerseys and follow the recent trend of bold colors and metallic and specialty materials being used in college and professional jerseys.




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3 Comments to Condors Soar into Metallic Uniforms

  1. C Harding says:

    After the laughter subsides, Condor fans are really going to like these uniforms and I expect that they’re going to want to join in on the fun with their own jerseys and other items that will sport Condor wings. These uniforms are going to be morale boosters for the team and fans alike – can you just imagine the pre-game warm-ups?!!


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