Combining Heat Transfer Materials- Part 1

By Paul Sabatini, Marketing Support

Combining Heat Transfer Materials
Combination Possibilities

Have you ever combined different heat transfer materials to obtain a unique look?

In this first of two postings I’d like to highlight some of these material combinations which can help you achieve a unique look and save you money & time when completing your jobs.

Pre-cut letters and numbers can be ordered by the pack or kit with a variety of fonts, styles, and heat transfer materials available.

Money Saving Tip: When decorating a woven nylon, such as a windbreaker, gym bag, or umbrella, the recommended material to use is Gorilla Grip® II.  If your numbers or team name requires a 2-color finish you can save money by ordering just the background color in Gorilla Grip II and your foreground color in Thermo-FILM.   With Gorilla Grip II as your background you will have the correct product that adheres to the substrate.  Gorilla Grip II is a Specialty Material that is priced above the Thermo-FILM® which is a standard material.  By using the Thermo-FILM as your top layer you’ll be saving money as it will adhere to the Gorilla Grip II background.

Our Custom Made Easy fonts, layouts, and styles provide you with a variety of looks when decorating garments.

Money Saving Tip: When you’re doing a script with tail and your customer is on a tight budget, but they require the design to be a 2-color and sewn, you can help them out with this suggestion.  Order the background color in Poly-TWILL™ and the foreground color in Thermo-FILM®.  Both of these materials are considered standard pricing, but your savings are apparent when you don’t have to sew two materials together, since Thermo-FILM® can be heat applied to the Twill with a heat press.  By doing this you will still achieve the same 2-color look that your customer is wants while save them money.

Custom Cut Designs, if you have your own design, but don’t have the time or a vinyl cutter to cut the pieces, we can produce this for you.

Here are some more great combination ideas that will help you achieve a unique and sharp look for your decorating options.

These are just some of the possibilities.

We’d love to hear about  your experience with combining our materials! Also, would love to see examples, if you have photos.  Please share in the comments section. Thanks!

Look for my second posting (CAD-CUT® Combinations) later this month.

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