Bowling for Heat Transfer Materials

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The Winner
Eugene poses with the ultimate prize.

Last Friday the Stahls’ Web Marketing department split into three teams and hit the lanes to knock down a few pins.  Of course, being from Stahls’, we had to have custom T-shirts for the occasion. Several folks from Web Marketing took to the vinyl cutter and heat press, cutting, weeding, and printing shirts for each team. In addition to the heat transfer materials listed below, each team’s captain wore a “C” cut from Red CAD-CUT® Hologram.

The Kitty Purringtons wore their expertly designed logo in Medium Pink CAD-CUT Premium Plus™ heat transfer material.  While their logo may have been purr-fect, their bowling was not, resulting in a third-place finish, despite Kristin’s best twinkle-toed efforts.

Second place went to the Turkeys, who wore Gold CAD-CUT Glitter Flake™. Not surprisingly, the Turkeys recorded no actual turkeys (that’s three consecutive strikes, for those not down with hip bowling lingo). Still, they had fun.  Asked how the event went, Debra replied, “It was a hoot!” That would be an owl, not a turkey, but she was having fun, so I’ll let it go.

Top spot, and the Easter candy signifying the feat, went to Eugenius, named after the department’s best (and most famous) bowler, Eugene.  Wearing shirts adorned with Black Glitter Flake, they struck, spared, and guttered their way to victory. Short-manned due to Tammie being out of town, each Eugenius member got to fill in for their missing teammate.  Funny how the best bowler got to bowl twice and somehow won.  Funny, indeed.

A good time was had by all, as was plenty of pizza.  And despite our bowling prowess (or lack thereof), we were by far the best dressed folks on the lanes.

The Kitty Purringtons in CAD-CUT Premium Plus
Kristin, Lindsay, Amanda, and Emily, aka the Kitty Purringtons.
The Turkeys in CAD-CUT Glitter Flake
The Turkeys, Matt, Debra, Mark, and Yeng, practice their golf claps.
Team Eugenius in CAD-CUT Glitter Flake
The champion Eugenius team, Sarah, Eugene, and Danielle, in Glitter Flake.


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