Born in the USA

by Danielle Petroskey

Did you know that all of the Stahls’ Hotronix® heat press machines are made in the USA?

That’s right, Carmichaels, PA to be exact.  A borough of Greene County, in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania with a population of just over 500. In what some might call small town USA, is a first class  manufacturing facility designing and creating the most advanced and innovative heat press technology in the world.

The first heat press Hotronix introduced was the Swinger in 1986, which became affectionately referred to,around the industry, as “Black Beauty.”

This American manufacturing company also was the first to incorporate the use of a  Resistance Temperature Device (RTD) with their heat presses. Don’t worry, I get asked all the time what this infamous RTD is…

An RTD continuously measures and maintains surface temperature +/- 2* degrees, at the point where the heating element meets the item being  imprinted.  So you won’t have to worry about uneven temperatures when heat printing.

I have been to their manufacturing facility. It is quite impressive and unbelievably efficient.  It would have to be, to keep the title of the World’s largest manufacturer of quality heat presses.

Stay tuned. More to come….

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4 thoughts on “Born in the USA”

  1. Hi Linda! Pick up is an option out of our facility in Pennsylvania. If you would like to arrange this option, please speak with one of our customer service representatives at (800)478-2457. Thanks for reading along!

  2. Hello,
    We have a max heat press , been a good press. It heats up fine , just the clam pressure doesn’t work anymore. I have turned the pressure knob all the way down.
    Can this be fixed?
    Thanks, Jeff St John

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