Are You Ready for Some Fall Sports?

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

With fall sports about to begin, now is the perfect time to make sure you’re prepared for the busy season to come. From football and hockey to cheer and dance, schools, leagues, and other organizations are getting ready to bombard decorators with orders.  Here are some suggestions to help you get ready.

– Based on orders from past seasons, make sure you have packs and kits of pre-cut letters and numbers ready. Even if you’re planning on using pre-spaced options, individual letters and numbers will be useful for smaller orders and last-minute additions.

– Take inventory of your pre-cut letters and numbers and organize them for fast access. Our letter and number storage box will help you ensure that you’re not searching for particular letters at the last minute.

– Is your heat press ready for the workload? The heat press test kit will help you make sure before you start printing. It measures the temperature of different spots on your upper platen for inconsistencies.  Also check the pressure of your heat press to make sure that your designs are applied properly.

– Also check the condition of your vinyl cutter or print/cut system. Do you need new blades? Is the cutter protection strip in good condition? In the middle of an important order is no time to realize that your equipment needs maintenance.

– Check the condition of your heat printing accessories. Do you have cover sheets, heat printing pads, and pillows and heat erasers? Are they all in good shape? What about weeders, tape, tweezers, and layout boards? Make sure you have everything you’ll need to provide your customers with the best product possible.

– Make sure your heat transfer material samples and swatches are up to date. New materials and colors are coming out all the time, so make sure you can show customers what you’re capable of producing. Are your in-store samples starting to show the signs of age? Are they keeping up with the latest trends? Think about replacing them or adding new ones. Give your customers plenty of ideas for their uniforms, warm-ups, and fan wear.

– Be sure that you’re ready to take new orders as soon as they come in. Order forms, pens, and printer ink should be well-stocked.

If you’re looking for other ideas to make sure you’re fully prepared, or just want to see how you can save time and money, check out our “Heat Transfer Tips from the Insiders.” Our “How to Decorate” page can also be helpful. It has guidelines for personalization of uniforms for a variety of sports. Make good use of our Help and Education section – it’s there to help you.

Here’s hoping you have a successful and smooth fall sports decoration season.

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