April Showers Bring… Decorating Opportunities

by Bella Blondell, Marketing

Umbrella_BlogUmbrellas are a unique item to decorate with your heat press and can expand your business beyond standard garments. Customizing unique items like this creates niche opportunities with untapped potential (and profits) for your business!

With the right heat transfer material and equipment you can decorate an umbrella easily! Umbrellas are generally made from nylon or polyester so check our Material/Fabric Selection Chart to find a heat transfer material that will work on your particular umbrella.

CAD-CUT® Super Film™ and CAD-CUT® Reflective heat transfer material are just two of the materials that are recommended for both nylon and polyester. In printable materials, CAD-COLOR® Solutions® Opaque and the entire like of Stahls’ TEK™ materials* also apply to both fabrics. Just make sure to follow the application instructions for time, temperature, and pressure.

Heat presses with interchangeable platens are great for decorating different items like bags, sleeves, pant legs, and caps. The FUSION® heat press sleeve/leg platen is the perfect size and shape for decorating umbrellas.

Overall, umbrellas are a great way to find new markets and generate revenue for your business. For more information check out the Customizing Umbrellas with a Heat Press video to see multiple examples and tips for heat printing umbrellas.

* Don’t have a print/cut machine? Solutions Opaque and TEK materials are also available in CAD-PRINTZ® full color digital transfers.

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