Are You Up On The Latest Trends?

Part 1 of a 4 part series on apparel trends.

By Paul Sabatini

lightweight apparel
Lightweight Apparel

The first trend I wanted to look at is Lightweight. With manufacturers and end users trending towards lightweight garments you will want to decorate them with this in mind.

Would you want to wear a lightweight fitting garment with heavy lettering on it? Of course not, the feeling is uncomfortable and can make the garments intended look distorted.

Stahls’ ID Direct has got you covered.  We have a variety of durable media and materials with our CAD-PRINTZ™ and CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials that can be applied to the lightweight apparel in the industry without losing the garments properties.

Here are some digital heat transfers and heat transfer materials compatible with lightweight apparel:

  • CAD-CUT® Super Film™ was developed with a super soft hand and has a great stretch and rebound property to it. Its also available many colors.
  • CAD-CUT® SportFilm Lite™ is a thin yet durable material which will work well for cotton/polyester garments.  This material cuts and weeds easily for producing designs with greater detail. Check out some of the great colors available.
  • If you are decorating a lightweight fashion garment try CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM™.  This heat transfer material is ideal for creating fashion apparel and is thin and easy to weed. The thinness makes it great for applying onto lightweight thin garments.  Here are the fashionable colors it is available in.

When you have a design that has many colors in it and you need to apply it to a lightweight garment CAD-PRINTZ™ Digital Transfers is your product.  Performance apparel is one of the hottest lightweight trends in the market.  CAD-COLOR Solutions Opaque has an amazing stretch and rebound and will not crack or peel.

Look for the second decorating trend (Color) later this month.

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One thought on “Are You Up On The Latest Trends?”

  1. The vinyl has got a lot thinner or softer to the touch. Less prone to cracking to like the old days.
    Have a t-shirt I wear once a week that was made 4 years ago and it still looks great.
    If the print gets a bit wrinkly just turn inside out and iron and it looks new again.

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