Apparel Decorating Business Survival Guide, Part 1

Helping you and your business survive in the face of COVID-19 is our top priority. One of our mottos is “STAHLS’ Helps You Win.” It’s true, we’ve always believed that your success is our success. And frankly right now it’s most aptly said that your business’s survival is also our business’s survival. This guide contains advice, special product offers, and ideas to help you survive.

So take a seat, take a breath, and take out your notebook to plan your business’s survival.


That’s right, the word websites is plural. Due to health risks, government forced closures, and the like, it’s a critical time for a business to be able to sell online. Late in 2019 we launched Spirit Sale™, an online web platform that allows business owners like you to easily build individual websites for your customers. Some ways your customers may value this service in today’s environment is to generate support through decorated apparel sales.

Try This:

Contact local business owners whose doors are closed due to the pandemic and offer them a free fundraising site to help them generate extra income. With Spirit Sale™ you can launch unlimited web stores. Check out a few of our concept stores here to help get your creative juices flowing.

Feel free to share them with your potential clients as a sample.

Concept Store 1Coffee Shop
Concept Store 2Church

Be sure to point out that these stores can be created with a fundraising meter to track their earnings, while you make money too!

People are home and internet use is surging. Another way to use websites during this time is to launch business to consumer stores.

Try This:

Launch a B2C (Business to Consumer) element of your business that commands retail prices. If you have existing apparel inventory, create a store and add the ability for a consumer to personalize products. Or just consider launching a site with made to order designs that can be based around anything from hope to appreciation to humor. Promote these on social media through free posts or paid advertising. Check out a few concept stores here as a sample:

Concept Store 1 — Monogram Shop
Concept Store 2 — Humor

Here is How STAHLS’ Can Help: You should be monitoring your cash flow in times like these. Spending money up front on a solution like Spirit Sale™ may hold you back. This is why we’ve decided to give you Spirit Sale free for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days you can make a decision to buy it for $599 for a year or cancel with no penalty or return fees. We’re so confident in web stores for everyday business that we know you’ll like it once you try it.

Important Reminder: Keep in mind that cash is extremely important right now. You can’t afford to give a percentage of your sale price to an ecommerce provider. Spirit Sale™ won’t take a percentage of your profit. To take advantage of this offer, set up a demo to ensure you understand how it works as well as support tools available to you.

Stay tuned for the next posts in the series, or you can download the entire guide.

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