Anatomy of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

With the holiday season upon us, we’re revisiting last year’s how-to post on making ugly Christmas sweaters with your heat press. Enjoy the sweater – and the poem!

The season is here, for fun and good cheer
For Santa Claus, elves, and eight tiny reindeer
And sleigh rides with friends, there is nothing better
But what could be warmer than an ugly Christmas sweater?
Decorated with Flock, using special care
Create a sweater your customers surely will want to share
With amazement in their eyes, they truly will be impressed
By a garish creation from your own heat press
So carol, have fun, and be of good cheer,
With many fond memories of the entire year
Then spread a custom version of the season’s fine magic,
And create an ugly Christmas sweater like the one in this downloadable infographic

 Anatomy of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

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