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Adult and community education programs need quality educational opportunities to keep their programs growing and thriving. It’s important to provide programming that’s cost-efficient, easy to implement, and help to create a strong, competitive workforce for their communities.

What is the STAHLS’ Entrepreneurial Training Program?
The STAHLS’ Entrepreneurial Training Program delivers on each of these needs with an innovative, flexible, and hands-on program. This program highlights the business potential of heat print technology and decorating methods for apparel and promotion industries, helping to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in students with transferable skills for a more competitive workforce.

This program includes a low-cost curriculum and easily implemented programming with teacher training, equipment and materials included. The program is also flexible and adaptable to your program goals and is even ideal for Integrated Educational Training programs.

How does the STAHLS’ Entrepreneurial Training Program help grow my programs?

Working in partnership, we design a program that fits any curriculum and supports your organization’s growth and goals. It’s easy to implement in any organization or non-profit providing educational social services and delivers exponential growth.

200% Growth in Student Enrollment

Working with the Independent Irving School District – Adult Education & Literacy (IISD-AEL) we created a program to meet their program goals. They wanted to provide an interactive learning opportunity, with needed job skills training, in an engaging environment to increase student attendance and enrollment.

Over the last two years the IISL-AEL has seen exponential enrollment growth going from around 400 students to around 800 students in just over two years. This kind of enrollment provided the program more funding opportunities for their educational programs and has enabled over 3000 students to go through the program since it was implemented.

“The partnership with STAHLS’ has helped to take our AEL program to new levels and has helped increase enrollment each year since the STAHLS’ Entrepreneurship class began. This year, we are reaching a record number of students who have gone through our AEL program, over 800 this year and close to 3000 since the program began.”

Delia Watley, Program Manager Irving ISD-AEL

STAHLS’ is the world leader in Heat Print Technology providing innovative materials to small businesses, big brands and major league sports. We are committed to helping the economic growth of communities with the Entrepreneurial Program using a simple T-shirt model, which has become a great educational resource for our partners helping them achieve their program goals with engaged and educated students prepared for the work force.

Prepare a Better Workforce

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