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The Best Starter Heat Press? Benefits of Choosing the A2Z

There has never been a better time to buy a starter heat press machine than now. Why? The A2Z™ Swing Away Heat Press made its debut. This brand-new swing away heat press from Stahls’ was built with new apparel decorators and first-time heat press users in mind. From easy-to-use features, to a more affordable price, the A2Z is a match made in heaven for beginners in the market for a high-quality heat press.

A Starter Heat Press with a Heat-Free Workspace

A2Z Swing Away Heat Press
First thing you’ll notice when using the A2Z Heat Press is its swing away design and heat-free workspace. Meaning you can now swing away the top platen of your heat press and enjoy working away from the direct heat your press gives off. This additional workspace makes it easier for you to place and adjust your design before you ever start the application process. These key benefits in a starter heat press gives you more room to adjust and learn about proper placement of garments and designs.

Digital Display for Time and Temperature

Second, another key feature of the A2Z Swing Away Heat Press is the inclusion of an easy-to-use digital display for the time and temperature. Having and using this feature is one of the best ways to ensure your garments remain mistake-free after each application. The process of adjusting these settings is very simple as you can see in the videos below.

Adjustable Heat Press Pressure

In addition to accurate time and temperature features when choosing a swing away heat press, the same can be said for accurate pressure. The A2Z Heat Press makes it easy for users to get the correct pressure in two unique ways. First, its semi-threadable lower platen allows you to apply directly onto the desired layer and achieve the perfect application. Next is the ability to adjust the pressure of the top platen by using the adjustable knob near the back of the heat press. By combining these two features you can ensure accurate application pressure and guarantee your designs turn out perfect every time!

Large Layout Space

Lastly, you’ll have plenty of space to decorate just about any type of apparel. As a beginner, you don’t want to deal with small footprint locations or be unable to decorate various garments and items. Fortunately, the A2Z is a 15” x 15” sized heat press. This means you can work with more types of garments, apply larger designs, and offer a variety of apparel to your customers.

In conclusion, the A2Z is hands down the best starter heat press machine available. This press helps you work in a heat-free workspace thanks to its swing away design. It also makes it easy to monitor your time and temperature with an easy-to-read digital display. Not to mention the added benefit of accurate pressure due to the adjustable pressure knob. You also receive plenty of layout space giving you the ability to work with a wide array of garments and designs. What are you waiting for? All that’s left is for you secure your new heat press by visiting Stahls.com and placing your order today!

Stahls’ A2Z Heat Press Scholarship Program

If a heat press isn’t in your budget, but you want to get your business off the ground, now’s your chance! We’ve put together the ideal starter heat press package that not only benefits your start-up, but amps up your side hustle to the next level. Make sure to check out our “How to Enter” page so you could potentially win this perfect A2Z Starter Package!

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  1. Hi Christianah! Thanks for taking an interest in this business! I would highly recommend checking out this video. It is a nice breakdown of different things you need to get started and will hopefully answer some questions you may have! https://youtu.be/SdXeOjrHDRE

  2. Hi Moradeddin! This heat press is not recommended for hats. For a starter heat press I’d recommend checking out the MAXX® Cap Press. Thanks for reading along!

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